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Camm’s Performance Touching and Genuine! The Pitmen Painters, 2013

Directed by Sally Camm, the cast recreates the journey that five men in a mining community take, from never having seen a real painting to producing some very fine artwork of their own.

…Thomas Camm plays Oliver Kilbourn, the soul of the play and the heart of the ensemble. Camm’s performance is touching and genuine. So too, Joe Stofko, his performance as the dentist Harry Wilson reveals the character as well-read, interested in economics, and vocal about Communism.

… Fredrick Doms plays Jimmy Floyd with plenty of comic relief, and Gregory Wright Jr. livens the play with an insight that is often quite playful.

Caroline McCaughey is perfectly cast as the sophisticated and gentle woman Helen Sutherland, and Adrienne Camm, as the perky model Susan Parks, brings spontaneity to the assemblage.

John Fabiani is in his element in the role of Robert Lyon.

How Good: 4 out of 5 stars!

-Joanne Greco Rochman – Republican American

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