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Some Seriously Gifted Performances, Pajama Game, 2009

The love-at-first-sight encounter between Plant Superintendent Sid Sorokin and the head of the union’s grievance committee, Babe Williams, sets the stage for a series of events that entertain the audience with show tunes, antics, and some seriously gifted performances.

While it is hard to single out one performance over another, it would be more difficult to ignore the quality of several scenes and actors. 
One such moment is when Sorokin, played by Thomas Camm, enthusiastically proclaims his love for union devotee, Babe Williams, 
in a rousing rendition of “There Once Was a Man”. He is answered 
by an equally enamored Williams, played by Katie Keough. The chemistry between these strong, mature voices, backed by the 
eight piece orchestra, takes the production to a professional level. Whether solo or duet, these lead characters set the bar for their
 fellow performers.

While each cast member is worthy of mention, T. Abram Lee’s 
portrayal of the Union leader and loveable lecher, Prez, is a joy to watch. Rob Iulo, as a love struck time manager, shows a range of emotion during a therapy session to remedy his uncontrolled jealousy. Sarah Robards cleverly projects her true motives as his tormentor, while trying to soothe the vexed Iulo. And finally, “Steamed Heat”, perhaps one of the most recognized scenes in the original show, was executed with style by Adrienne Camm, and Ashley Moret.

-Henry Moore – The Register Citizen

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